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At RG Investment, we have decades of experience in the hotel and hospitality management industry, helping owners, lenders and investors with all aspects of hotel management—from planning and development, to day-to-day operations.

We are a leader in the hotel management industry in the San Diego area, managing a diverse portfolio of hotels, motels, senior-living locations, and other hospitality-focused properties, including beachfront hotels in San Diego and several getaway-style resorts in remote locations. A diverse portfolio means that we have the experience to customize our services to your needs, no matter your property structure.

Let Us Help You Design, Build and Manage Your Hotel

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Services We Provide

  • Property Operations
  • Accounting and Financing
  • Training and Development
  • Hotel Revenue Management
  • Hotel Sales and Marketing
  • Converting a New Franchise
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Property Types We Manage

  • Hotels
  • Motels

More About Our Services:

We understand the importance of historical financial reporting specific to the hotel industry. We work with you as a partner to provide invaluable real-time profit/loss and financial statements to help you make the best decisions regarding your business. We offer hotel accounting as a standalone service, or bundled with other services and tools.

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Using our experience in hotel operations, we can train you and your staff in all aspects of hotel operations, including sales and marketing, day-to-day operations, and continual staff development. Your guests will appreciate the high quality service standards.

Our professionals at RG Investment understand the challenges involved with hotel revenue management and price assessment required to meet the ongoing demand. Our team possesses the experience and skills necessary to effectively navigate the market and therefore allow us to perfectly align pricing, placement, and availability for your hotels.

Our team of hospitality experts can support your franchise conversion from start to finish—helping to ensure the successful launch of your new enterprise.

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